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eyeDEAL, our online user management tool allows you to register for product and services. Feel free to register, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Features Analytics customer management system, eyeDEAL, allows anyone interested in product or services from Features Analytics to freely register his company and himself. Thanks to the registration details, Features Analytics will be rapidly in touch with the end user and activate services he needs or initiate corresponding projects.

For companies that request cloud services, eyeDEAL will also be used to

  • setup the user accesses, and proceed to authentication and authorisations for user login to eyeDES® instances
  • provide information about the dedicated scoring processes
  • provide links to the dedicated dashboard web user interface of eyeDES®

For all type of services, eyeDEAL will provide status of running projects, for instance, eyeDEAL will provide intermediary results of the data modeling project currently run by Features Analytics data science team.