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Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence

Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) took effect on July 3 2016 across the EU . In order to align with these new set of rules, financial institutions operating in financial markets (Equities, FX, etc.) are obliged to surveil their own activities to identify market abuse.

Firms and operators of a trading venue must identify and reduce the risk of market abuse, and report it. A suspicious transaction or order is one where there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect it might constitute market abuse, such as insider dealing or market manipulation.

Our solution is eyeDES®

The Trading Surveillance Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence

eyeDES® is the unique Parameter-free Surveillance Solution able to detect Financial Market Abuse at
any moment of time

Reduces the number of FP with more than 90% while detecting otherwise "invisible" behaviour
Minimizes your risk of penalties by having the unique ability to detect any new scenario
Instantly evolves with the market dynamics
Measures and describes each market participant and reports the ones that have an inconsistent behaviour
Manages your risk in real-time or batch while providing additional Market Intelligence

The eyeDES® Surveillance solution operates Live or in Batch mode and it is based on our unique Artificial Intelligence technology. First a Feature Machine enriches your data and creates a new data space.

Then the new data is injected into an Anomaly Detection Engine which detects any suspicious behaviour. The Intelligent Assistant Tool is connected and ready to assist your Compliance team in reviewing the cases.

eyeDES process diagram

The Feature Machine constructs a New Data Space by enriching on the fly your execution and market data with additional signals called Features. The Features describe several activities of the Market Participants and measure them in a unique way.

The Anomaly Detection Engine takes the New Data Space constructed by the Feature Machine, and applies certain transformations able to measure and reveal Market Participants with inconsistent behaviour. A dynamic threshold is calculated based on market activity at the selected time. Market Participants above the threshold are flagged for suspicious behaviour.

The Intelligent Assistant Tool is connected and ready to assist you in reviewing the cases, getting insights on the data and taking effective decisions whether to investigate further into these alerts.

Watch here how the Compliance team uses the Intelligent Assistant Tool