Use eyeDES® Streamlined Machine Learning™ for Fraud Management

Fraud spreads at speed of life. Features Analytics provides eyeDES® streamlined machine learning™ solution that catches fraud as it evolves.
Deploy yours or eyeDES® predictive models in seconds on eyeDES® platform to score transactions in milliseconds.

Respond to your Multi-channel Needs

The eyeDES® platform offers instant deployment of multiple predictive models and supports various needs of your business: different channels, regions or risk profiles.

Get our Custom Models for more stable Performance

We develop for you sophisticated machine learning models that describe your data in a comprehensive fashion, capturing evolving trends and behaviors. They deliver improved performance stability.

Make best business Decisions in real time

eyeDES® platform scores transactions and deliver reasons in milliseconds, giving you the right information to take the best decisions in real time.

Improve your team Performance and Confidence

Working together we will increase your team confidence in your risk management decisions and improve financial performance.