• Cristina Soviany, Ph.D

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer
    Cristina Soviany - Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Soviany holds a Ph.D in Applied Sciences and a Master's degree in Computer Sciences. A technologist with strong academic, R&D and entrepreneurial experience, Dr. Soviany has led her company as Chief Executive earning industry awards and securing capital investment based on the potential of proprietary eyeDES® technology. Dr. Soviany first launched her activities in 2011 under the business name IDES Technologies. Mid-2014 the Company rebranded as Features Analytics reflecting its commitment to grow further, leveraging the potential of its unique predictive analytics platform.

    In 2011 Dr. Soviany qualified her company to participate in the Civica European Venture Contest (CEVC) winning first prize for best startup in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) category. Dr. Soviany additionally secured a R&D grant from the Walloon region of Belgium and has continued to lead product development as well as set the roadmap for eyeDES® technology and predictive analytics scoring engine.

    Dr. Soviany has published more than 15 academic journal and conference papers since 1999 and has served as Member of Program Committee for the 2013 and 2014 International Conference on Security and Management (Las Vegas, US).

    Before founding her own company, Dr. Soviany was the Research and Development Leader at Advanced Medical Diagnostics and prior to that Senior Research Scientist at Philips Applied Technologies.

  • Richard Mener, MBA

    Chairman, VP Business Development
    Richard Mener, MBA - Chairman, VP Business Development

    Mr. Richard Mener holds a Master's degree in Business Management. He is a very experienced top international executive coming from Colgate-Palmolive where he occupied for the last ten years Division President responsibilities. Through his whole career, he has displayed exceptional entrepreneurial, leadership and business strategic skills and abilities. Impressed by the strong potential of the eyeDES® technology, Mr. Mener has joined the newly established Features Analytics executive management team.

  • Marco Carnini, Ph.D

    Lead Data Scientist
    Marco Carnini, Ph.D - Lead Data Scientist

    Dr. Carnini has earned a Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2011 and later gained experience in Machine Learning and Data Analysis at the Computer Science department of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. He uses his mathematical knowledge to rapidly develop high performing complex models to be integrated in the eyeDES® platform. Dr. Carnini joined Features Analytics in 2017.

  • Ludovic Desmet

    Project Manager
    Ludovic Desmet - Project Manager

    Mr. Desmet leads specialized projects in fraud management and product development where he has been working with the eyeDES® platform since 2012. Holding a Master's Degree in Mathematics, Mr. Desmet also brings vast knowledge of neural networks and computer science. Before joining Features Analytics, Mr. Desmet was with MasterCard for more than a decade working as a lead software architect and developer for MasterCard Expert Monitoring System.

  • Gianluca Frasso, Ph.D

    Lead Data Scientist
    Gianluca Frasso, Ph.D - Data Scientist

    Dr. Frasso holds a Ph.D in Mathematics for Economics and Finance. As Lead Data Scientist, Dr. Frasso utilizes his wide mathematics and applied statistics knowledge to further enhance eyeDES® technology machine learning capabilities and develop highly performant detection models. Dr. Frasso joined the Features Analytics R&D team in 2016.

  • Benoit Socias

    Chief Solution Architect
    Benoit Socias - Chief Solution Architect

    Mr. Socias is a key contributor for the eyeDES® platform development. He has been architected the platform since 2012 and previously served as the lead software architect and developer for MasterCard's EMS fraud management service. Mr. Socias holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

  • Marek Suliga

    Technical Product and IT Manager
    Marek Suliga - Technical Product and IT Manager

    Mr. Suliga has amassed a breadth of knowledge related to the predictive analytics technology and product since joining the team in 2011. Mr. Suliga's unique skill set enables him to transfer the innovation coming from research and development teams into effective project planning. Mr. Suliga holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science.

  • Kaveh Vakili, Ph.D

    Lead Data Scientist
    Kaveh Vakili, Ph.D - Data Scientist

    Dr. Vakili has earned a Ph.D in Statistics from University of Leuven in 2016, prior to joining the company. His primary focus is the field of robust statistics and anomaly detection as well as the design and implementation of algorithms for data analysis.