eyeDES® - Streamlined Machine Learning™

We provide advanced risk and fraud management services for eCommerce merchants, banks, acquirers, processors and issuers.


Our Advantages


  • More precise and stable predictive models
  • Easy integration and instant model deployment
  • Significant financial benefits



What do we deliver?


  • Custom models tailored to your vertical market and organization.
  • Multiple predictive models to isolate different patterns and levels of risk across multiple channels or business segments. They can be exchanged when in production.
  • Models adapt in real-time and are immediately deployed in production on the platform that we also provide.
  • Platform provides scores and reasons in real-time.
  • You can also use the platform with your own models.
  • Dashboard - a real business intelligence tool monitoring the performance and supporting your risk and fraud management decisions.
  • Expertise and support of Senior R&D and analyst teams.

eyeDES® - Streamlined Machine Learning™ Technology for Fraud Management taken to the next level

Our proprietary eyeDES® platform is developed for the detection of payment fraud and characterization of event risk. The eyeDES® engine runs multiple custom predictive models that we build for different types of organizations on their available data.


Our experienced team of Data Scientists will perform historical data analysis to enrich your data with sophisticated features and will develop custom predictive models based on the types and characteristics of transactions or events that you process or facilitate.

Use eyeDES® Platform with your models

You can also choose to use eyeDES® platform to deploy models developed by your organization or by third parties. Contact us today for details and for a quote!


The predictive models are deployed in seconds on eyeDES® platform. There is No additional model design, No extra coding, No additional software testing, No overhead. Just eyeDES®. The models are retrained automatically in the new eyeDES®4.0 release.

eyeDES® Streamined Machine Learning™
Custom Modeling

Custom Predictive Models

Features Analytics experienced team of Data Scientists develops exceptional predictive models tuned to your data. Custom models are delivered and maintained for different segments or channels of your business according to your detection needs and KPI's.

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Machine Learning

Advanced Modeling Technology

The proprietary eyeDES® technology continues to maintain and improve model performance based on its sophisticated machine learning algorithms using statistical pattern recognition methodology and its easy retrain, self-retrain, tuning and deployment capabilities.

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Integration Options

Easy Integration via API’s

Services can be accessed directly from secured cloud, run locally on your own infrastructure, or from participating payment networks via easy API integration. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the integration whatever options you choose.

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Monitoring Tools

Intelligent Monitoring Tools

Configurable dashboard for observing live detection performance, fraud trends and system load. Besides, the dashboard can display any data available on the platform, like the original data points and the sophisticated features that we use in the predictive models.

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