The eyeDES® Dashboard

eyeDES® dashboard comes together with the platform. It is a web-accessible user interface for assessing and reporting on the performance and health of risk and payment operations. The dashboard enables users to access data providing charts and graphical representation of activity and decisions across the platform. This includes the ability for users to monitor the platform activity, review fraud detection performance, analyze the scores and reasons, observe moving trends in transaction activity and high risk behavior.


Dashboard analytic model performance charts


The dashboard also provides users with complete information about all of the custom models available. By accessing the web UI, an organization is able to review information on the status and performance of all models per data segment, as well as review and schedule model changes. The management of the multiple models per data segment or business line can be scheduled in advance using the dashboard. The models are executed without any down time as model changes occur while the system is running.


Dashboard model selection status


Starting with the new eyeDES® 4.0 release, the platform is equipped with built-in automatic retrain. The model retrain can be triggered either by the platform which monitors continuously the model performance, either by the user via the dashboard. As soon as the model refresh is ready, the new retrained models can be scheduled to be executed in production or shadow mode.


Dashboard model retraining