API Integration with eyeDES®

Features Analytics supports both real-time and batch data feeds with three deployment or implementation options for the eyeDES® modeling and analytic platform. The eyeDES® Platform is available as a cloud service, a standalone server or an embedded library via our available API’s.


eyeDES® cloud integration


The eyeDES® cloud service implementation is easy to use and requires minimal administrative effort. This deployment method runs on a simple application with low running costs and no administrative overhead. eyeDES® Cloud Service offers extreme scalability and data security.



eyeDES® standalone server


The eyeDES® standalone server operates within an organization’s infrastructure, the eyeDES® platform operates as a single service or multi-node system with communication between the platform and payment processing system running over the TCP/IP network via an API.



eyeDES® embedded integration


The eyeDES® embedded library solution is linked to an organization’s payment processing system through a Java API.