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eyeDES® value added services for processors, acquirers, payment service providers, gateways

Fighting payment fraud is an ongoing activity for PSP’s, acquirers, processors and switches in both card-present (CP) and card-not-present (CNP) environments. Not only does fraud affect the entire payments value chain, it also affects all sectors, spreading rapidly across geographies and industries. Fraud not only causes a financial loss but it also damages reputations, increases costs, reduces revenues and degrades the customer experience.


Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Where in-house fraud prevention solutions might once have kept fraud to an acceptable level, this is no longer the case. Today’s fraudsters, operating globally and working more and more organized, need to be stopped by using sophisticated, real-time, near-real-time or batch execution fraud detection solutions. eyeDES® Streamlined Machine Learning™ is the solution to tackle the increasingly complex fraud spectrum.


Features Analytics offers eyeDES® platform as an added value service for your customers. You can easily integrate eyeDES® into your systems and get custom machine learning models tailored to your customer’s data and business lines.

Now you can offer to your customers eyeDES® real-time fraud detection solutions that

  • Increase the sales conversion
  • Increase the fraud detection rates
  • Streamline the model development, deployment and business visualization for your customer’s fraud management
  • Retrain automatically your customer’s models to evolve their business with the data


In today's challenging fraud landscape, we are proud to offer to you eyeDES® Streamline Machine Learning™ platform as a value added service for your customers.