The Complete Surveillance Solution

Powered by eyeDES® Artificial Intelligence Technology and Platform

Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence

Features Analytics has developed eyeDES® AI technology and platform for anomaly detection and predictive modeling, to deliver the Complete Transactions Surveillance Solution to detect Market Abuse and violations of the Code of Conduct in Foreign eXchange, Equities, Fixed Income Markets and to deliver solutions for AML and Payment Fraud Detection.

Working with the top investment banks in the world

At Features Analytics, we bring years of experience in the largest financial markets like Foreign eXchange and Equities. We work with some of the top global investment banks based in the US and Europe.

The challenge

Creating a solution that is both cost effective and limits the risk of penalties

Our solution is eyeDES® - The Complete Transaction Surveillance

Finding ‘true’ cases with a lower number of False Positives
Minimizes your risk of penalties
Instantly evolving with the market dynamics
Providing Market Intelligence and operating in real-time or batch


Features Analytics provides solutions for Transaction Surveillance in real-time or batch for Foreign eXchange, Equities and Fixed Income. Additional solutions include AML and detection of Payment Fraud.


The proprietary eyeDES® AI technology delivers Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence. It specifically looks for peculiar events like anomalies, manipulation and fraud.


The solutions can be installed on premise or accessed as SaaS. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the integration.


Intelligent Assistant Tools and Configurable Dashboards assist you in reviewing the cases and provide live detection performance. The technology also delivers market trend observation and gathering of additional intelligence.

Why eyeDES?

We have transposed principles used for cancer tissue characterization in ultrasound imaging to develop a unique AI technology and Surveillance solutions that provide Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence.


Truly detects new scenarios and hidden elements


Not impacted by noise in the data


Able to find the ‘true’ cases


Instantly evolving with market activity


With the data size

eyeDES® Explainable AI Surveillance solutions for the Financial Markets