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eyeDES® LAB & SEP platform comes with a Data Science environment LAB which allows your experts to quickly design and tailor machine learning predictive models by themselves. Organizations can develop and then use the models to detect fraud, money laundering, risk or other use cases across any channels of their business. Once developed and ready, the models can be deployed in a matter of seconds in production on eyeDES® SEP, completely cutting the model governance process of many weeks or months of implementation.

eyeDES® SEP is enhanced with automatic Model Self Retraining capabilities to deliver even better fraud prevention accuracy and autonomy of usage.

You are in control

When using eyeDES® with its LAB and SEP components, your organization keeps the full control of the solution, without relying on models delivered by external companies.

Combining both components provides you with the following benefits:

  • 1
    Reduced time to market development of machine learning solutions for transaction scoring
  • 2
    Reduced cost
  • 3
    Models are under control of end user

eyeDES® LAB – the Data Science environment for Solution Development

eyeDES® LAB is a unique data science environment tailored to develop machine learning based solutions for transaction scoring or anti-money-laundering for single or combined multi-channel data.

LAB can be used to define and calculate features:

  • 1
    Define simple features or more complex time-based features by combining operations from the built-in functions library
  • 2
    Visualize the feature distributions
  • 3
    Use the features to train machine learning models that deliver better KPI’s

The created features can be computed on live streamed data by SEP and used in production by the predictive models.

This process is done by the experts to enrich the data with additional signals called Features particularly tailored for the transaction scoring use cases.

The machine learning algorithms available on the platform are shared by both eyeDES® LAB and eyeDES® SEP. Therefore, there is a full consistency between the Data Science environment and the production platform.

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eyeDES® SEP – the Streamlined Execution Platform for Production

eyeDES® SEP is a streamlined execution platform used by organizations to instantly benefit from the machine learning solutions built with the LAB component. SEP is a production capable platform in which the models are deployed in seconds instead of requiring weeks of software development.

The software is Java based with an easy integration via our available API’s. It can be embedded in existing systems or deployed on customer premises or accessed via cloud.


  • 1
    Fully configurable and scalable
  • 2
    Model deployment in seconds
  • 3
    Multiple models running simultaneously
  • 4
    Scores thousands of transactions per second and this on normal capabilities
    - Response time below 50ms
    - Over 3000 transactions per second on commodity capabilities
  • 5
    Scores and reasons-why in milliseconds
  • 6
    Automatic Model Self Retraining
  • 7
    Parallel pipelines: production, shadow, A/B testing mode
  • 8
    Configurable Dashboard

Use the eyeDES® Platform to build and deploy transaction scoring solutions

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