Unbiased Detection and
Market Intelligence

Powered by eyeDES® - Artificial Intelligence

From Cancer Detection

In cancer detection the challenge was to analyze tens of millions of data points in the 3D ultrasound scan of an organ to identify with high sensitivity and specificity the abnormal tissue if any and to give to the patient an accurate diagnosis by avoiding false positives and false negatives which both have dramatic consequences.

to Transaction Surveillance

We have transposed these principles to Financial Transaction Surveillance and developed a unique technology and solutions that provide Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence.

eyeDES® is a cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology and platform to detect Market Abuse in the Foreign eXchange or Capital Markets, fraudulent transactions as in money laundering (AML) and payments or abnormal events in your data.


The technology leverages two different modules that can be combined together or used separate:
The Machine Learning component which comprises both Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning tools and the Anomaly Detection component.

eyeDES stack diagram

Platform Integration

Features Analytics provides solutions for execution in Live mode, Batch processing or in Big Data environments. eyeDES® can be installed On-Premise and on Private or Public Cloud.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the integration.