eyeDES® Artificial Intelligence Platform

Pro-active, Accurate and Explainable

From Cancer Detection

Our technology principles originate from Cancer Detection where the challenge was to analyse huge volumes of data coming from the 3D Radio Frequency (RF) ultrasound data to identify with high sensitivity and specificity any abnormal tissue present in the organ. It is vital to give to the patient the most accurate diagnosis, avoid false positives and false negatives which both have dramatic consequences.

to Financial Transaction Surveillance

We have transposed these advanced principles to Financial Transaction and Market Surveillance and developed radically new and unique solutions that provide Pro-active, Accurate, and fully Explainable detection of market abuse and fraud.

eyeDES® is a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence technology platform developed by Features Analytics to detect Market Abuse in trading in any asset class like FX, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Cryptos. It is powered by deep analytics, predictive modelling and a Zero-Parameter technology delivering Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence. Additionally, it can also enhance existing surveillance solutions for detection of Payment Fraud and behaviour monitoring.


The technology platform comprises different modules that are used separately or jointly.

The Machine Learning module is based on Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning/Anomaly Detection technology and it is used to detect suspicious activity in use cases like transaction scoring for fraud detection/prevention, AML alert optimization and behavioral monitoring.
The Zero-Parameter library is based on a unique parameter-free technology and consists of a library of Building Blocks used in the trade surveillance solutions that Features Analytics delivers for the detection of market abuse in financial instruments trading.

The Detection Engine flags the fraudulent activities and unveils the emerging suspicious patterns.

The surveillance solutions delivered to clients include a Case Management module which assists the compliance/surveillance teams in analyzing the prioritized queues of alerts triggered by the system. Each case is accompanied by explanations in plain language. The Case Management is equipped with fully automated reporting to increase even more the surveillance program efficiency.

eyeDES stack diagram

Platform Integration

Features Analytics provides solutions for execution in Live mode, Batch processing or in Big Data environments. eyeDES® can be installed On-Premise and on Private or Public Cloud.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the integration.