Cristina Soviany, Features Analytics CEO interviewed on Sibos TV: The opportunities and risks of AI

(Sibos 2019 London, UK - September 24th)


How AI can help the financial industry?

Financial industry is going right now through a revolution. Faced with 3 challenges: high volumes of data, high velocity of the change of the data, a variety of data with many different feeds,... we see that AI technology is badly needed.
I would recommend looking for AI solutions that are able to produce intelligent insights in the data, explainable and capable of adapting themselves within the same scoring environment. They are needed to understand the business, take effective decisions, limit the risks and be fully competitive.

Interventions of Cristina Soviany

Cristina, can you introduce yourself and your company ?

How to harness the power of AI ?

What stumbling blocks are preventing institutions of going ahead the steam ?

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