Sibos panel: "Technology implications in post-trade: Where AI meets back-office operations" with BNY Mellon, Amazon, Brown Brothers Harriman and Features Analytics

(Sibos 2019 London, UK - September 24th)

AI technology in back-office operations. What is hype and what is real? Its importance is critical, it is transformational but how to deploy it? What are the use cases, examples of technology in action, ... An interactive discussion.


AI becomes a real necessity in the financial industry because of the increasing volumes of data, velocity at which it is created, changing and the variety of data coming in different formats. Another important point: veracity of the data. How much can we trust the data? Data governance is crucial in getting the expected results using the technology. Trust in AI solutions comes by doing and seeing the results. I would encourage financial institutions to test more applications.

C. Soviany

Cristina starts by describing AI technologies available today and used by the financial industry.

Interventions of Cristina Soviany

What kind of AI technology to use for financial services ?

Is everybody saying something positive about AI but not really knowing what to do ?

Some interesting stories about AI in the field of security services ?

Can we trust AI ?