Features Analytics participates at Vendorcom conference in London

(Brussels, Belgium – December 10, 2014) – Features Analytics team participated with great success to the Vendorcom Connecting Payments conference in London on December 10th 2014.

During this conference, Cristina Soviany, the Company's CEO, has presented the eyeDES® custom modeling platform as part of the Innovation Track of the conference dedicated to the new, most innovative solutions on the market. The presentation has generated a lot of interest. Valuable contacts have been established with important European companies operating in the payment industry.

Features Analytics provides eyeDES® – a fully integrated platform for custom model design and execution. It is a new, truly innovative solution for fraud detection and prevention, of great value to the eCommerce organizations and more broadly to all those active in the payment sector. Its custom modeling technology based on statistical pattern recognition brings great and unique benefits to the industry.

Features Analytics offers 3 key elements:

  • The modeling tools to build the custom models
  • The platform to immediately execute the models and score transactions in real time, with a customized dashboard to monitor and manage the operations
  • The team of experts to design the models, maintain the platform and the models

eyeDES® is today a state of the art, modern solution to address payment fraud issues. It can be adopted as replacement or as a very valuable complement to the solutions already in place.