Features Analytics is honored to join as a new member the first Vendorcom Connecting Payments Conference of 2015 in London

(London, UK - February 23rd / 24th, 2015)

Vendorcom is a pan-European membership organisation which represents key stakeholders in the payments community. Its primary aim is to promote innovation through collaboration. Vendorcom does this by creating platforms for thought leadership, providing a range of opportunities for knowledge sharing and resolving issues for its members, thereby generally enabling the payments community to better understand and more effectively meet market needs.

After having presented our innovative technology last November, we are very excited to join as a new member the first Vendorcom Connecting Payments Conference of 2015 taking place on February 23rd and 24th in London. A unique opportunity to review the strategic picture in European Payments.

Features Analytics specialises in custom modeling used for detecting payment fraud, with solutions for eCommerce merchant, card issuers, acquirers and payment processors.

Features Analytics presents eyeDES, a new and innovative technology for predictive model design and its streamlined execution. As soon as our team of experts have designed a package of custom models, they are immediately deployed on our proprietary, fully integrated execution platform. The platform is provided with a dashboard, a real custom business intelligence tool for model performance analysis and monitoring of the fraud trends on customer's business data.

eyeDES® is a complete custom modeling fraud detection and risk management solution addressing key challenges of the industry:

  • Efficient and rapid development of sophisticated and accurate multiple model packages
  • Streamlined deployment of models into a model execution platform (production, refresh, shadow, A/B testing)
  • eyeDES® platform offers also other various capabilities, such as exchanging models in production, bench marking/system performance assessment and sizing, exception reporting, detection/predictive power measurement, support for multiple client users with a variety of roles (access level control based on role)

eyeDES®, because one model does not fit all.