Features Analytics appoints Mr. Thorn Phipps as its new Chief Revenue Officer

(New York - June 12th 2023)

Features Analytics, provider of eyeDES® unique AI driven technology and asset class agnostic platform for market abuse detection in trading in capital markets, is announcing the appointment of Mr. Thorn Phipps as Chief Revenue Officer.

Mr. Phipps brings to Features Analytics nearly 30 years of spearheading consistent revenue growth and increased market share in working with software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise technology RegTech companies such as Insightful, Actiance, Oracle, Autonomy, providing solutions and services to top-tier global banks and financial institutions. Most recently, Thorn was in charge of Americas Strategic Enterprise Sales for Steeleye.

"We are delighted to have Mr. Thorn Phipps joining the company as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Based in the United States, Thorn will be instrumental in developing the Company revenue growth strategy and its execution, reaching top financial institutions in United States, Canada and Europe. The Company pursues its ambitious goals and financial objectives for these important markets leveraging our most recent successes achieved in Europe and Americas. We are convinced that with his many years of solid experience, exemplary dedication and pro-active approach, Thorn will be successful in expanding the usage of Features Analytics’ unique AI driven Trade Surveillance Solutions into financial institutions across the world." Cristina Soviany, CEO 

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Phipps said:

"I am truly impressed by the unique Zero-Parameter AI driven technology and platform that Features Analytics has developed. eyeDES® is the industry most advanced AI driven detection of both existing and emerging patterns of market abuse in trading in capital markets. The platform provides a faster, more targeted and radically better way of identifying market abuse. It enables financial institutions to achieve effective solutions that massively improve the quality of their trade surveillance, while reducing their cost of operations and exposure risk." Thorn Phipps, CRO 

eyeDES® Trade Surveillance Platform enables users to detect known violations like for example Layering, Spoofing, Wash trades, Front running, Marking the close, etc… without the need to set up fixed windows of time or parameters. Besides these, eyeDES® is the only solution that is able to unveil emerging patterns of abuse. Our AI driven technology triggers only high-quality alerts, each with relevant insights and explanations.